Borino Enterprises, Inc. has serviced the automobile industry for “Paintless Dent Repair” since 1993. “Paintless Dent Repair” is a process that removes dents from your vehicle without painting. While gaining access behind the damaged panel of your car, we then use specially designed steel rods and wires to gently massage the dent using controlled pressure from behind. Within minutes your dent is removed! Performed properly, it is environmentally safe, restores the vehicles appearance, preserves its original paint, and is the affordable option.

Today’s car finishes are the best ever! That’s why when dents occur, in many cases the paint is not affected. Allow us to show you just how fast and inexpensive it is (free estimates) to bring your vehicle back to mint condition. Our experience and use of the latest technologies enable us to repair the most challenging dents.

We appreciate the established relationships we have, and look forward to developing new ones. Quality service and your complete satisfaction is our main concern.

                                            Michael Borino

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